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MTB-La via dei Terrazzamenti

The Via dei Terrazzamenti is a 70-kilometre pedestrian and cycle path linking Morbegno and Tirano, the lower and the middle valley, at 300 to 700 metres asl, halfway up the Rhaetian slopes, with terraced vineyards and a valuable cultural heritage. Along the way are 40 rest areas with benches, bike rests and info panels about nearby artistic heritage sites.

Ovest. The stretch between Morbegno and Sondrio is fairly long, with a big overall difference in altitude. Mostly tarmacked, it also has some parts on rough tracks and steep climbs. Its many forks call for special attention to signs (ellow arrows on sticks and red and white signs on walls.)

(texts and technical data by Federico Pollini)

Departure  place: Morbegno 262 m

Arrival place / maximum quota: Sondrio 307m (650m)

Total gradient slopes: 1100 m

Total gradient descents: 1050 m

Slopes’ total length : 18,5 km

Descents’ total length: 14,8 km

Plain total length : 5,4 km

Total kilometers: 38,7 km

Slopes’ middle inclination: 6 %

Slopes’ maximum inclination: 12 %

Time taken: 4-6 h

Difficulty difficult

Est. Sondrio to Tirano is a very long ride, with big total differences in altitude. There are lots of very steep rough parts too: at the start from Sondrio to Ponchiera (tarmac) and from Piano di Chiuro to Teglio (rough). It passes through the Grumello, Inferno and Valgella vineyards and important old town centres such as Ponte, Chiuro and Teglio. Its many forks call for special attention to signs (yellow arrows on sticks and red and white signs on walls).


Departure  place: Sondrio 307 m

Arrival place / maximum quota: Tirano 430m

Total gradient slopes: 1220 m

Total gradient descents: 1087 m

Slopes’ total length : 16 km

Descents’ total length: 13,3 km

Plain total length : 5,3 km

Total kilometers: 34,6 km

Slopes’ middle inclination: 8 %

Slopes’ maximum inclination: 14 %

Time taken: 4-5 h

Difficulty difficult


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MTB-La via dei Terrazzamenti