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Church of St. Anthony

The district of Vassalini has always been the most popolous of Chiesa. Its demographic and economic power led to the rise of separatist ideals. Over the 17th century the inhabitants built a church of their own.

Founded in 1667, the church of Saint Anthony is also dedicated to Saint Stepehen. It is said that- in bright days, on December 26th during the Mass celebrated at 10:30 AM - a sunray illuminates the paiting portraying Saint Anthony above the altar.

The facade of the church, simple and elegant, is enriched by a beatiful portal carvedĀ  in 1704 by Francesco Solaro, while the door (1705) is the work of Bartolomeo Fanoni, born in Primolo.

The church houses several remarkable works of art, such as:

  • on the right wall, a confessional and a pulpit skilfully carved by Andrea Rinaldi (1778)
  • the altarpiece portrays Saint Anthony kneeled before the Child and cherubs by Bartolomeo Gualtieri.
  • the tabernacle in gilded and painted wood, in the shape of a temple, carved by Bartolomeo Fanoni.
  • in the sacristy, a wooden statue of Our Lady of the milk enthroned that dates back to the end of the 15th - beginning of the 16th century. This statue, turned into Our Lady of Mount Carmel by adding a mantle, is displayed in May.
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