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Cà Mazza and cà Zoia mill

Cà Mazza and Cà Zoia Mill is a rare example of a mill operated by the archaic system of the horizontal water wheel.

+39 0342 380077 (Comune di Montagna in Valtellina)

The small workshop is in the town of Montagna in Valtellina and is the only perfectly functioning horizontal water mill still existing in the area, thanks to the renovation works carried out by the Comunità Valtellina di Sondrio, that safeguards this important historical and cultural heritage. 

The mill can be reached by taking the road that departs from Montagna and heads for S. Maria (913 m - km 4,2). An easy footpath leads in just a few minutes to the Mancapane castle, a tower dating back to the Thirteenth century, that is among the most interesting fortified buildings in Valtellina. 

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