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Rural settlements in Castione Andevenno

Cà Barboni

Cà Barboni il located halfway up the mountain, above Triangia and along the trails that leads to the Rolla mount. This settlement is made up of two groups of homes: Lower Barboni and Upper Barboni. The lower area, accessible by car, was partially transformed by extensive renovation works. Upper Barboni can be reached by following a narrow cobblestone mule track, it is located on very steep ground in a panoramic position. The buildings are very close to each other and share several walls. A huge Medieval building with buttresses and small trilite windows stands out. The paths, pastures and woods surrounding the settlement undergo constant mainteinance thanks to the farming activities that are still carried out in the area. 


Vendolo was built on a morainic terrace close to the creek Boco, halfway up the mountain. The settlement is at the edge of the woods and isolated from the other settlements belonging to Castione Andevenno. Its development was linked to the work of artisans, based on the use of water as a energy source. Inside the settlement, along the creek, there are some grinding mills, some of which still host part of the original machinery. The so called "Rusina's mill" is particularly relevant from a ethnographic and historical point of view.
In the center of the settlement there are some ovens that were shared by the population. Most of the buildings, which feature exposed stonework, have three floors and twin roofs covered in slabs of natural stone. The ground floors were designated as craftman's laboratories, stables or barns. The upper floors had a residential function. Casa Balestra stands out for its stone portal and the fresco depicting "The Virigin between two Saints". The settlement is still permanently inhabited  and recently developed Westwards because of the construction of isolated buildings with gardens. In some cases the buildings underwent renovation works which altered the original structure. Below the settlement a moraininc terrace hosts the Medieval tower of the Larch.


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Castione Andevenno

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