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Rural settlement in Cedrasco


The well-preserved settlement of Bugli, at an elevation of 1062 m a.s.l., can be reached thanks to a steep paved road that leads very close to the settlement (traffic restrictions are applied) and then by following a short mule-track.

Bugli is a group of homes built on a grassy slope that is mowed in summer. At the entrance of the settlement there is a long building that once served as stable and a barn, while a huge portico on the Northern side of the building indicates that part of the building had a residential function. 

Beyond this building there is the proper settlement, which features mix-used, horizontally oriented buildings. As it happened to most settlements of this kind, the old center was built at the end of the 18th century, when people used to move cattle on pastures and, nowadays, its buildings are used as summer holiday homes.