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Rural settlements in Faedo

Gaggi - S.Carlo (Faedo Centro)


The origins of the Gaggi settlement is probably linked to the presence of military facilities, as testified by a recently renovated tower house. 
The settlement developed on a flat terrain overlooking Val Venina and offers a great view over Valtellina. The settlement is pretty small and still has the original layout. The buildings are generally well preserved and mainly used during summer vacations. Thanks to the wonderful panorama and the appearance - in late spring - of the small wetland area called "Gaggi lake" make this place a great destination for short excursions. 

S.Carlo (town center)

S. Carlo is the current town center of Faedo. The oldest settlment is that of S. Bernardo (1000 m a.s.l.) - around the Fifteenth-century its inhabitants moved to lower elevations and reinforced the settlement of S. Carlo. Since having to reach the church of S. Bernardo was inconvenient, in 1607 began the construction of a new church in S. Carlo. Just like other towns in the Orobic alps that once belonged to the territory of towns in the Rhaetic Alps, Faedo once belonged to Montagna in Valtellina. Faedo gained independence a the beginning of the Fifteenth century. Some traces of their union can still be found in the traditional "feast of bread and wine", which takes place every August at the church of S. Bernardo, where the inhabitants of Montagna used to share their wine with the people of S. Bernardo, who, in turn, shared their bread. 

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Faedo is made up by several settlements with vestiges of the typical rural architecture.