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Alpe Campelli di Albosaggia - lago Casera

From: Alpe Campelli, Albosaggia
To: Lago della Casera, Albosaggia
Mountain bike
Uphill: 1080m
Downhill: 1080m

This circular route goes past the maggenghi, the typical wooden mountain houses high up in Albosaggia. Campelli car park is the starting point, the tarmacked road immediately steep and then becoming a rough track with gradients exceeding 20%. The very loose stony terrain requires medium/high pedal assist. Hairpins take you up to Baita Campello and into the deep Meriggio valley, below the cheese factory of the same name. After this crossing and over the hill, you go through the San Salvatore area, first up to Baita Zocche close to the lake of the same name and then to Baite Lago della Casera, and a holiday farmhouse. Coming down on a pretty good rough track brings you past the hamlet of Bedolessi. Turn right shortly after, back into the deep Meriggio valley along the “fire break path” that takes you once again to Campelli.

(Texts and technical data by Federico Pollini)

  • Departure place: Alpe Campelli di Albosaggia, 1260 m
  • Arrival place/maximum quota: Alpe Le Zocche, 2070 m
  • Ascending sections total length : 10,2 km
  • Descending sections total length: 11,8 km
  • Plain sections total length : 0 km
  • Average ascent grade: 11 %
  • Maximum ascent grade: 20 %

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