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The trail of memories and labours

Rhaetic Alps - Castione Andevenno

From: Castione Andevenno
To: Masso Altare
1h e 50' solo andata
Uphill: 509m
Downhill: 5m

The trail of memories and labours (Sentiero dei ricordi e delle fatiche) is dedicated to the memory of the inhabitants of Castione who, over the past generations, walked along this path carrying heavy pack baskets. The path linked the highest part of the town to the valley floor and allowed people to carry out farm works. 

Starting from the roundabout close to the Shopping mall, follow the road heading to Castione for about 250m until reaching a recently built parking. Leave your car here and, on the right, take a dirt road (strada di Lidina) and follow it until it meets a paved road. Walk along the paved road and, after some hairpin turns, you'll reach Cà Bianca (338 m) where you can visit the beautiful and innovative cellar of the young winemaker Alfio Mozzi, one of the designers of this wonderful trail). Cross the small settlement nestled in the vineyards and after the last houses take the trail on the left that runs across the terraced vineyards and soon reaches Grigioni (424 m). Follow the signs, enter the settlement and reach a small squadre with a fountain (here there is the chance to visit another nice cellar beloging to Paolo Piatta). Take an alley heading Eastwards until it crosses the paved road. Follow it up to a small square. The signs lead to the stairs on the left, follow that path that after a little while meets the road linking Moroni to Triasso. Turn to the left and, after about 150 m, you'll see the signs to Ganda (521 m) where, close to an old farmhouse, you'll see ancient rock engravings, provided with a descriptive sign. Go back to the steep dirt road and, when you reach the first hairpin turn to the right, take the path on the left (the old road Ganda-Martinelli). Right after a steep climb and with the help of a metal chain, you'll overcome an exposed segment of the trail  carved in the rocks (Crap de la penaja). Continue along a short rocky stretch and you'll soon reach the old settlement of Cà Martinelli (623 m), that is almost completely abandoned. 
This wonderful terrace allows you to enjoy a beautiful view of Valtellina. Cross the old settlement and take a panoramic path that leads to the provincial road at the gates of Piatta. Cross the settlement and follow the signs, when you come close to a pole with a transformer take the path heading Eastwards until reaching the old road to Triangia. Follow this road up to the signs to the "Masso Altare" (Altar rock - 775m) - another important archeological site. You can either go back to your car by following the same itinerary or by walking along the provincial road. 

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