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Torre di Santa Maria - Alpe Arcoglio inferiore - Alpe Piasci

From: Torre di Santa Maria
To: Alpe Piasci, Torre di Santa Maria
Mountain bike
Uphill: 1250m
Downhill: 1250m

Mappa 3D del percorso Torre S. Maria - Alpe Piasci

A classic route offering a chance to visit some of the Torre Santa Maria mountain meadows. There is no direct easy link on roads between Arcoglio and Piasci, only a really bumpy trail, so this route has two separate aims: the amazing views offered by both options are worth the effort. The average gradient and length at times make medium pedal assist necessary. The climb starts on tarmac and continues on concrete and rough track. There are a good many hairpins before you cross to the north and reach a turn-off just before Braccia. Here go left to your first meeting with the Arcoglio Inferiore baite or mountain chalets and views out over the Bernina mountain range and Pizzo Scalino. Returning to the previous turn-off and a short crossing with final climb brings you out in the vast meadow with the Piasci huts.

(Texts and technical data by Federico Pollini)

  • Departure place: Torre di Santa maria, 790 m
  • Arrival place/maximum quota: Alpe Arcoglio inferiore, 1960 m
  • Ascending sections total length : 13,3 km
  • Descending sections total length: 13,3 km
  • Plain sections total length : 0 km
  • Average ascent grade: 9 %
  • Maximum ascent grade: 12 %

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