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Parravicini House

The 16th century house is in the old town center, close to the church  of Saint Martin and is surrounded by a large garden. The U-shaped building encloses a polychrome cobblestone courtyard, that can be reached through a nice tree-lined boulevard.

The house is sober and elegant, typical characteristics of the noble palaces of the time. The main facade features an austere stone portal and two windows featuring carved sills.

On the inside, the owners maintained the ancient layout of the premises, the stone or wooden floors, the cross-vaulted ceilings - some with decorative stucco or frescoes and also kept the original furnishings, doors and windows, which still feature the old latches.

On the first floor there is a wonderful, finely decorated  stüa with an elegant tiled stove.
A remarkable white marble staircase links the floors of the house.

Entirely surrounded by a large Italian-style garden and a wood, Casa Parravicini is one of the few Valtellinese examples of noble palace in which the adaptation of the premises to the modern life (e.g. with the building of bathrooms inside the house) hasn't revolutionized the original architectural structure.