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Glaciological trail Vittorio Sella


From: Alpe Ventina
To: Ghiacciaio Ventina
2h e 30min A/R
Uphill: 180m

Dedicated to Vittorio Sella, unrivalled pioneer of mountain photography, who photographed these mountains from the end of the 29th century, this route is a comfortable opportunity for scientific observation. The route is intended for all hikers, and provides moments to reflect on recent climate changes and numerous cross-disciplinary aspects directly linked to the changes in the glacial masses. The route winds in a ring along the bottom of the Valle Ventina above the Gerli-Porro and Ventina Refuge Huts. The route on the way up follows the easier walk, which keeps to the right-hand bank of the torrent. On the way down, it follows the valley bottom on the opposite side. AS you walk along the route, you can observe the morains deposited in the historic era of the Ventina Glacier in the periods of its maximum growth and read the explanatory signposts along the way. As you move upwards, you will obviously see how you gradually move from the oldest to the more recent morains. These glaciological signs positioned by the observers will enable you to understand the changes in the glacier. You are strongly advised not to walk on the glacier without being accompanied by an Alpine guide or without adequate training or equipment.

How to reach Alpe Ventina

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